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'The Chronic Mansion' by Azhar Sabri

The Chronic Mansion

This is a story of three school boys who are coming back from a friend’s birthday party at night. They saw a girl who is waiting for help due to over fueling of her car. They were a little drunk and raped her in the chronic mansion.

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'Hounded' by Ellie Douglas


What would you do if the zombie virus infected man's best friend, turning them into wild, vicious unstoppable zombie dogs?

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'Saxton:Yee Naaldlooshii' by Eric Lahti

Saxton:Yee Naaldlooshii

In the heart of the Navajo reservation an ancient evil is stirring. Its goal is nothing short of a massacre and there's only one man who can stop it: Wilford Saxton

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'Hounded 2' by Ellie Douglas

Hounded 2

Imagine a virus infecting your beloved 'dogs' and turning them into unstoppable beasts. To then have human zombies join them. What would you do?

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