Down into the Darkness

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by David Carter

Down into the Darkness

“Down into the Darkness” is David Carter’s tenth book and something of a departure from his usual English murder mysteries: “The Murder Diaries – Seven Times Over” and “The Sound of Sirens” plus "The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene". It’s also a lot shorter than many of his books, running to around 140 pages.

Here’s the back cover blurb: Tony Jenks lives alone in a small first floor flat in an Edwardian House. There are three other flats in the building. Downstairs, lives Dick Riches with his aging parents. Upstairs lives Doc Maureen Hall, anxiously waiting on her monthly visit from her married lover, Gerald, while across the hall, opposite to Tony, lives Derek Chamberlain, ever eager to stop and gossip about the latest man in his life.

Four ordinary flats, full of ordinary people, in modern day Britain, until one night Tony Jenks goes to bed, alone as usual, when he hears noises the likes of which he has never heard before. Tony’s journey down into the darkness has begun.

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Dark, Horror, Mystery, Suspense

Google Category: None

Pages: 142


ISBN(10): 1500783056

Sales Rank: 3996649

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