Goodbye Swaziland, Hello Taiwan!: (A black man in Heaven)

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by Mkhonzeni M Dlamini

Goodbye Swaziland, Hello Taiwan!: (A black man in Heaven)

To be abroad,
Be a lone black face,
Get wild stares in the street,
Suffer language barrier problems and
Feel ridiculed and discriminated.

This is my Asian experience, first time being abroad for my master studies.
The world around me seemed heaven with all infrastructure I had never seen or imagined back in Africa.
However, the angels seem to by asking me in the streets, "Who is this one, where is he from?".
So less people willing to sit next to me in the metro, some pitching their nose, passing-by and changing seats.

The loneliness coupled with language barriers and the local cultural hindrances to interaction with foreigners, spoilt my experience.The place was a good place to be, but how to enjoy anything if its not shared; a joke kept to yourself can not keep you laughing to yourself. Fun is fun when shared and enjoyed with others or commoners. This book will take you from wherever you are to my country Swaziland , give you a free flight to Taiwan; hell and heaven in one book to keep you reading beyond the last page. Its a memoir of a travel adventure, a black man's diary of frustrations.

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