Black Roses for Cassidy

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by Nancy Roe

Black Roses for Cassidy

For six years, Cassidy Kincaid has led a picture-perfect life in Ghost River, Iowa with her loving husband. Then one Friday night, her husband commits suicide—or so she is told.

Days later, a peculiar request and a stranger’s declaration prompt Cassidy to question the cause of her husband’s death. However, someone who doesn’t want the truth exposed threatens to kill her unless she stops digging.

As Cassidy begins to unravel her husband’s secret life, she also discovers her own life has been filled with lies since childhood. Unlikely people she thought were deceased pop up, and those with a close connection to her are found murdered.

Will Cassidy be able to expose the shattering truth in time or will the killer claim the victory?

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Genres: Mystery

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 341


ISBN(10): 0998394203

ISBN(13): 9780998394206

Sales Rank: 1619377

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