A Better Place To Be: Based On The Harry Chapin Song

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by David Wind

A Better Place To Be: Based On The Harry Chapin Song

A story about life, and what goes with it.
----'I doubt there's a person alive who cannot relate to this...it's like nothing I've ever read or am likely to read again.'----J.L. Redding
John and Claire Edghes have a wonderful marriage. John is a sweet and likeable man, whose love for his wife is unquestionable, as is her love for him. But when life deals John a devastating blow, as happens to far too many people, and his wife is taken from him, John's life corkscrews into an overwhelming and agonizing journey to the bottom of life. There, in the darkness of his despair, a homeless drunk in trouble with the law, he wakes up one day in a rehab center, where he is pushed to look at what he has become...
...Forced to face both his past and possible future, John must find the path to rise from the despairing quicksand and somehow manage to find a way to survive. The question is, without Claire, can he?

--'...David Wind doesn't disappoint with "A Better Place To Be" as he brilliantly reverse engineers a Harry Chapin classic song. The story stands alone even if you've never heard the song. [Wind] has a wonderful ability to paint mental pictures with his writing.' M.Kauf
--'An amazingly beautiful story of love, death and depression. Hitting bottom and rebounding to a place not so terrible. The Chapin song sets our hero up for a memorable night. Put this at the top of your to be read list!' A.Keeran
--'A moving story that is thoughtfully composed and beautifully written. Worth reading for the poetic nature of the author's prose alone, but the story will not disappoint either.' Bella

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Literature, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 202


ISBN(10): 9780998971

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