Fertile Ground (Serial Crimes Investigation Unit (S.C.I.U.) Book 2)

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by B.E. Sanderson

Fertile Ground (Serial Crimes Investigation Unit (S.C.I.U.) Book 2)

Hush, baby bunting, Daddy’s busy hunting.

Adam Wyte stalks the Detroit metropolitan area, preying on the women who will provide him the sons he desires. He knows just where to find them and exactly when to strike. And Adam has so many to chose from, all so lush and ripe. No one dare refuse him. And no one can stop him. As long as his victims keep their mouths shut.

Agent Teri Buchanan transferred away from the SCIU headquarters to escape her past. But when her first case has her hunting down the very type of predator she’s worked hard to forget, Teri will be forced to confront her fears as she works to convince his victims to break their silence. Dealing with this case and its victims, though, will mean not only dealing with her own past but, ultimately, facing a need for more justice than the law will allow.

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Genres: Dark, Suspense, Thriller

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Pages: 306


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