In Deep Wish (Once Upon a Djinn Book 2)

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by B.E. Sanderson

In Deep Wish (Once Upon a Djinn Book 2)

The conspiracy to devastate Jo Mayweather’s life is growing like blue fuzz on last month’s leftovers. Her ex-lover, Zeke, is missing. Her friends are under attack. Her livelihood is in jeopardy. But whoever’s behind the turmoil doesn’t realize they’re messing with the wrong genie. Jo will do whatever it takes to blow their plans apart, recruiting the help of old friends and new allies. She’ll even enlist the aid of some crazy gods if she has to. Anything to stop these bastards from their ultimate goals—her death and the enslavement all of djinn-kind.

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Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 394


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