Blink of an I

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by B.E. Sanderson

Blink of an I

In the blink of an I, the whole world can change.

Raised by the Union to believe she’s worthless, declared incompetent by a system she doesn’t understand, Mary Jones wants nothing more than to run away and hide. When an underground society known as the Order chooses Mary for a mission to escape the city, she’ll discover she’s more than she was ever allowed to believe.

Accompanied by a man she’s not sure she can trust, Mary travels through lands ravaged by a long-forgotten war, discovering a past the Union wants everyone to forget and an idea worth risking everything for. She never promised the Order she’d come home, but after experiencing a world without Union control, she’ll return to see them stopped, even if it means risking her life and her liberty in the process.

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Genres: Futuristic, Speculative Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 337

ASIN: B079X142G2

Sales Rank: 1303939

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