Sylvia Plath: An Astrological Retrospective

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by DM Hoover

Sylvia Plath: An Astrological Retrospective

There have been countless biographies and books studying the importance of Sylvia Plath, her poetry and even the psychological distresses of her life. Yet very little if anything has been written regarding Ted Hughes interest in astrology which he utilized to guide him through life and shared the insights with Sylvia. With this fact in mind I decided to examine the astrological charts for the people involved in her life and death. This. I feel, provides the reader with a unique viewpoint regarding their interest in Astrology and on how the stars may have pointed to the life changing events.

Examining Ted Hughes poetry and letters indicates that he maintained a serious lifelong interest in the art of astrology and used this knowledge it to convince Sylvia that they were indeed, destined by the stars to be together. Interestingly, I came to the same conclusion. I hope that the readers and admirers of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes will come to see this study as another important dimension of their lives.

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