The Human Dilemma

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by Rupert Exavier Moore

The Human Dilemma

"Only by believing that nothing is what it seems can we discover what in fact isn't."
– Father Zachar (The Human Dilemma)

Eons in the future, when Homo sapiens are long extinct, nonhuman researcher Rupert Exavier Moore explores a scandalous alternative cause of humanity's downfall.

With the help of an esoteric spiritual leader, Rupert traces the beginning of the end to the politically volatile early twenty-first century, specifically, to the bizarre homecoming of expatriate Russian science fiction author Leon Z. Moss. The human race, it appears, fell victim to a tragicomic impasse referred to as "the human dilemma," and Leon, whose novel of first contact might have started it all, vanished in a blinding explosion of light.

The whole truth, however, is encrypted in a puzzling tale of extraterrestrial secrecy, interdimensional politics, absurd conspiracies, good old human ignorance and one man's seemingly innocent return home.

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