How to Pray and Read the Bible

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by Lee Ann Rubsam

How to Pray and Read the Bible

Whether you are a new believer or a veteran Christian who has struggled with consistency in praying and reading the Bible, this book is for you.

How to Pray and Read the Bible explains the basics of prayer and Bible reading in simple, down-to-earth language. Often, new believers are told to begin praying and reading the Bible without any explanation of how to go about doing so. In a fun-to-read, no-nonsense style, Lee Ann Rubsam answers the questions many new believers have about how to get started, but feel shy about asking:


When, Where, and How Long Should I Pray?

What Should I Pray About?

How Do I Know God Will Answer Me, and How Long Will It Take?

How Does God Talk to Me in Prayer?

Praying for the Baptism in the Spirit

Praying in My Prayer Language

Bible Reading:

When, Where, and How Long Should I Read My Bible?

What Translation Should I Use?

Where Should I Start Reading?

What if I Don't Understand What I Am Reading?

Do I Have to Read the Genealogies?

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Genres: Christian, Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religious, Self Help

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Pages: 37

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