River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus: Student Edition

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by Lee Ann Rubsam

River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus: Student Edition

Much attention has been given in recent years to building Christian character in children, but what about adults who are new to the Kingdom of God -- or have been with us awhile, but have never been taught?

River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus covers basic principles of integrity that every Christian should be living by. Godly character is not about a list of do's and don'ts. It is about understanding the heartbeat of God and getting our hearts in sync with His!

River Life is designed for use in adult church discipleship/growth classes or home Bible studies. It can also be used as a curriculum for older homeschooled teens or for personal study. (Individuals will find everything they need in this Student Edition.)

The 36 sessions are set up in an easy-to-follow outline format, and involve presenting Bible concepts and studying Bible passages, along with thought-provoking discussion questions. Students are then encouraged to apply the truths they have learned to their lives. Expect major life transformations!

The Student Workbook Edition contains all the teaching that is presented in group sessions. Blanks are provided to write in answers to questions. A suggested answer key is included at the end of the book. The workbook is intended to be used during the week after each class session, to bring about reinforcement of the concepts learned, as well as to bring deeper personal application into the students' lives.

River Life uses the New Living Translation heavily throughout the text, along with The New King James Version. However, use of these translations is not required. Both KJV and NIV were extensively consulted in our preparation of the text. Where either the NLT or NKJV did not stay true to the King James Version, quotes from the KJV are used and preferred. The materials are flexible enough to accommodate any translation the student chooses to use.

Topics covered:

1. Obedience to the King
2. The Law of Kindness
3. Truthful Living
4. Unswerving Loyalty
5. The Servant Lifestyle
6. The Might of Mercy
7. The Humble Heart
8. Patience -- Mark of Maturity
9. Joyful Generosity

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Pages: 136

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