Alien Worlds (Colonial Scouts Book 1)

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by Roxanne Smolen

Alien Worlds (Colonial Scouts Book 1)

The Girl and the Wormhole

The Colonial Scouts are an elite group of explorers who seek out habitable planets for the Colonial Expansion Board. They travel through space via programmable wormholes.

Impani, a brilliant girl with a dark past, dreams of escaping the streets by becoming a Scout. Because she is homeless, she feels she must study twice as hard to get into the program. The day before her final exam, however, a transporter malfunction sends her jumping uncontrollably from planet to planet. Although the error can be corrected from inside the wormhole, the Board decides she is too young to understand that level of tech.

Will she prove them wrong? Or will she die on an alien world?

Alien Worlds is exciting science fiction that takes the reader to eleven unique alien planets. If you enjoy teen fiction that is all about alien contact and space exploration, this book is for you.

Alien Worlds is a throwback to Saturday afternoon sci-fi shows. -- Jonathon Banks

Fast-paced and full of surprises. I couldn't put the book down. -- Lynda Montague

Character Sketch: Impani was found in a shoe box beneath a bus stop bench. She’d been making a mewing sound, so the old woman who found her named her after a cat she’d once had. Although they lived on the streets, Impani never felt homeless. The streets were her home. The old woman looked out for her and taught her right from wrong. But she died when Impani was ten. Not long after that, Impani got trapped in a trash compactor while searching for food. She spent the night in the dark with insects skittering over her arms. When the workers came to compact the garbage, they heard her screams. She was remanded to a local orphanage. The institution was not for her; she hated the structure and the rules but was thrilled to finally learn how to read. She ran away two years later but continued to read all she could. That was how she learned of the Colonial Scouts. It became her dream.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Childrens, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Young Teen

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 360


ISBN(10): 0991567358

ISBN(13): 9780991567355

Sales Rank: 11521736

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