Fallen Angels: Astrology of Child Victims

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by D.M. Hoover

Fallen Angels: Astrology of Child Victims

Each child comes into the earth with their own unique blueprint that we as astrologers refer to as the natal chart. Reflected in the chart are the connections to our mothers and fathers which are revealed astrologically in the Sun and the Moon. Also parts of the higher realms may be seen as Saturn, Jupiter and even Mercury which is of both planes. But the focus of this book is to examine the influences that the less frequently used fixed stars and critical degrees had on their short lives and premature deaths.
It is with reverence, respect and prayerfulness that we will review their tragically brief lives and examine their natal aspects. Hopefully through this we can keep them in our hearts and recall that the purity and kindness of childhood was heartbreakingly stolen from them.
The title for this book came easily to me for I have always felt that young children are closer to the angelic realms than most adults can ever hope to achieve.

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