Price of War: A Story of the New Glasgow War

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by CN Stoesen

Price of War: A Story of the New Glasgow War

A fanatical enemy in pursuit, can New Glasgow hold on against the odds?

Locked into battle with a relentless foe, Duncan's marines are bystanders for the battle. With their ship in single combat with the enemy, they hope they last long enough to repel boarders and contribute to victory.

On the fringes of the FUP, a new threat arises. Exiled to a backwater planet due to his perceived failures in New Glasgow, Major Dietler's battalion faces a new adversary on the remote outpost world of Gascony. Out gunned and unsupported, he must make tough decisions for the future of his command.

Will the FUP be willing to pay the price of war on multiple fronts or make an uneasy peace to keep the union together?

Price of War is the third book in the New Glasgow War series.

New Glasgow War Series.
Out of the Ashes - Book 1 (

Counter Strike - Book 2 (

Price of War - Book 3

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Futuristic, Military Fiction, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), War, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 50


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