Visions (Almana Book 2)

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by Julayn Adams

Visions (Almana Book 2)

Alexa still believes in hope. She is the reason Almana left heaven to risk everything, including her own immortal soul. But when Almana returns from the abyss with visions of an impending attack on their community, Alexa’s plans to unite with neighboring camps must be expedited. As racism and the brutal effects of the war live on, threatening to infiltrate their newly merged faction, Almana fights the demons plaguing her mind and her heart.

An Amazon international bestseller, "Visions" is the second book in the gripping Almana Series.

"I read and loved Almana, the first book in this series and was waiting eagerly for the sequel. And this book, wow! Beautifully written, thrilling, heart-breaking and heart warming, this is a brilliant story. One that makes you think. This series is one everyone needs to read as it tackles sensitively and with heart some of the issues tearing the world apart today. A timely and though-provoking book. An amazing story, masterfully told. LOVE this amazing series and very highly recommend it."
-Renita D'Silva "A Mother's Secret"

"I found myself turning page after page, desperate to know how Ali would handle things and what would happen next.
Congratulations to the author. This is a story for teens or adults that will take you into a war-torn world where the battle for good must always prevail. Or does it"
-Sherry Mayes "Stop the World"

"Visions, its (Almana’s) follow-up, is simply superb. Julayn Adams has rocketed toward the top of my favourite indie authors”
-Grant Leishman The Second Coming Series

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Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Post Apocalyptic, Romance, Spirituality, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: None

Pages: 296

ASIN: B0787484MZ

ISBN(13): 9780648140528

Sales Rank: 1425193

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