Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie

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by J.K. Norry

Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie

The smell of hope is burning flesh…

The howlers are eating each other. What is left of humanity has a chance to breathe at last. Each group that forms has to consider how they will begin anew. They must come together on how to take care of the remaining monsters, grow food, teach kids, and deal with their dead…or fall apart in the pitted wasteland left to them by the zombie apocalypse.
Can humanity get it right this time?
Or will the last human become The Last Zombie?

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Genres: Horror, Post Apocalyptic

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Horror Novels

Pages: 141


ISBN(10): 1944916806

ISBN(13): 9781944916800

Sales Rank: 1695101

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