Summer Day

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by Frank Parker

Summer Day

When his father is shot in a tragic accident, young Henry runs away taking the family pet. Join family members and neighbours as they search for the boy and his dog in hope of averting another tragedy. Set in rural England in 1947, a time of political upheaval, Summer Day offers a glimpse of times past when life was not as rosy as it is sometimes painted.
"sad, funny and uplifting";
"An unexpected literary gem and as fine and enjoyable a book as I've read all year."
"A lovely, poignant and well written story of love, loss, isolation and misunderstanding."
"Such a beautifully sad story and one I heartily recommend. The author manages to put you inside the mind of a terrified boy."

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literature

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Literature

Pages: 266


ISBN(13): 9781476458786

Sales Rank: 3565757

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