Dreams:Messages From Beyond

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by DM Hoover

Dreams:Messages From Beyond

This book resolves to help in the interpretation of dreams. Once we become more prolific in doing so, we then can attempt to help and aid others who likewise wish to grow and evolve through their dreams. When I was younger my mother would consult with me when it came to dreams which confounded her. She knew I studied and interpeted, but in sharing, she also knew that perhaps you gain when you elect to tell another who may have a different perspective to add which then sets our own minds to working in a new direction.

Most of us know the Old Testament story about Joseph interpreting the Pharoah's dreams. Joseph ended up in prison but when the Pharoah was upset that his court psychics could not interpret his dream he called for Joseph who had been helping others in the prison around him by interpreting their dreams. The book is not about Joseph but rather to say that others learn through our experience and due diligence when we share our knowledge, and here is where I started.

This book is different from my first on Dreams because that book which is also available on Kindle uses Edgar Cayce's interpretations. In this one, they are all strictly my own interpretations meant to help teach you the reader with the simple steps I employ for dream recall and symbology.

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Genres: New Age, Young Adult (YA)

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Pages: 82

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