Simply Christmas: Memories, Traditions, & Stories of the Season

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by Vickie Phelps, Jo Huddleston

Simply Christmas: Memories, Traditions, & Stories of the Season

Simply Christmas is an invitation to take a fresh look at the holiday. Vickie Phelps and Jo Huddleston share their thoughts on the season in hopes Christmas will once again be a time of joy and reflection for your family instead of commercialized chaos. • Stories and poems of the season • Decorating tips • Recipes • Devotions/Meditations for every day in December Simply Christmas urges you to keep your celebration simple and grounded in the genuine reason for the holiday—God’s gift of His Son to the world.

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Genres: Religious

Google Category: Media > Books > Non-Fiction > Religion Books

Pages: 136

ISBN(10): 1517496764

ISBN(13): 9781517496760

Sales Rank: 7044832

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