Waiting For Joy

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by Vickie Phelps

Waiting For Joy

Five years after Lauren Grant's husband is killed in Iraq, she is struggling to move on with her life. It's the holiday season and she desperately wants to spend time with her family and experience the joy of Christmas again. When elderly Ava Flannery steps in front of her car and is injured, Lauren is forced to think about someone other than herself. She begrudgingly takes on the job of part-time caretaker for the injured woman. Finding real joy seems to be just out of her reach until Lucas Flannery makes an appearance to care for his aunt.

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Genres: Romance

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Pages: 184

ASIN: B01N78O857

ISBN(10): 1540381730

ISBN(13): 9781540381736

Sales Rank: 1766142

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