Psalms for the Common Man

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by Vickie Phelps

Psalms for the Common Man

-Devotions based on the book of Psalms for the common, everyday person.
-Practicality for everyday living.
-A prayer, thought or challenge for each reading.

David, the author of many of the Psalms was human in every sense of the word. Despite his many titles: shepherd boy, musician, writer, husband, father, and king, he was just human. Yes, he became king, but even with that title he still displayed human frailty. He endured hardship, fell in love, committed adultery, deceived people, and had a man killed. And yet he lay in his bed at night with tears streaming down his face and cried out to God for help. He knew the joy of love and the pain of loss. At the same time, he wasn’t afraid to strip off his kingly robes and dance with joy before the ark of God in front of his subjects. David would tell you he was a common man in spite of the crown he wore.

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