Riverbend Justice

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by Henry McLaughlin

Riverbend Justice

Riverbend Justice is the exciting sequel to Henry McLaughlin’s award winning novel, Journey to Riverbend.

In this second book of the Riverbend Sagas, Michael Archer, wracked by guilt and failure over having killed once again, embarks on a mission to clear the name of Ben Carstairs, a man wrongly executed for murder. He tried to do this once before and failed. If not for the wish of Ben’s dying father, Michael would have gladly disappeared into his old life and pulled the cork in after him.

His journey brings him back to dear friends who had supported him when he made his way from the depths of a life headed for hell to one where he dared dream of possible happiness.

Can he ever recover that dream? Is he even worthy of it? Is he worthy of Rachel Stone, the woman he fell in love with in Riverbend?

With the help of old friends and new, he seeks to unravel the mystery. Only now, records are missing, potential witnesses can’t be found, and the forces seeking to keep the secret are more determined than ever to stop him. Another murder takes place, possible suspects disappear, and danger looms as ominous strangers threaten.

Undeterred, he continues. When he is beaten and shot, and an innocent young girl is taken hostage, and his beloved Rachel Stone is wounded, he puts aside physical pain and his own fears to seek the killers.

In finding them, he reveals corruption reaching to the highest levels of the town. Levels more determined than ever to stop him. To bring the guilty to justice and to save those he holds most dear, he faces a life or death struggle with powerful enemies. Revealing the truth may cost him more than he is willing to pay.

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Genres: Western

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Pages: 318


ISBN(10): 1518860737

ISBN(13): 9781518860737

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