Poison in the Pond (A Shivers Novella Book 1)

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by D L Richardson

Poison in the Pond (A Shivers Novella Book 1)

When she wished him to hell, he died without her forgiveness, but he's found a way to come back for absolution...or her life.

In this supernatural psychological thriller, Karen Malcolm escapes with her life after a week of being held hostage in her own home by a mad man named Cain. He gets life behind bars and she gets a second chance as the future wife of Doctor Tyler Carlisle and the mother of his young daughter, Jess. But Karen can't escape the nightmare that follows when Cain contacts her from prison to beg forgiveness. She refuses to give it, and as a result she'd plunged into a world where there are things in the dark that even the bad guys are afraid of, including Cain.

A short read for during your lunch break. Read with the lights on. This story will stay with you after you've finished.

This "Goosebumps for adults" series contains standalone titles that can be read in any order. Great for fans of Koontz and King.

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Genres: Dark, Fantasy, Ghost Stories, Horror, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Horror Novels

Pages: 110


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