Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis (Book 2): A technothriller

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by D L Richardson

Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis (Book 2): A technothriller

They’re no longer players, they’re strangers in a world that left them to die.

Rescue comes at a price. The players are far from home and the world is in ruins from a disaster known as The Event. Life was easier inside the game, even if it was deadly…

Not even fully recovered from cyber sickness and muscle dystrophy, they’re evacuated out of their recovery center to go home and find their families - if they’re still alive. But there’s a whole set of new rules and new alliances to forge. And there’s a new breed of people who want to take over the devastated lands.

Costly decisions will be made on their way home and loved ones will die. Only this time they won’t get back up like they did inside the game.


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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Speculative Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 315


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