The Bird With The Broken Wing

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by D L Richardson

The Bird With The Broken Wing

When mortals make mistakes, they're forgiven. When angels make mistakes, they're forsaken.

In this haunting and heartwarming tale, guardian angel Rachael finds herself trapped in Purgatory with Ben Taylor, a young soldier with a secret that's driving him insane. Desperate to see him ascend into Heaven she breaks the rules about becoming involved and keeping her identity a secret. Her decision to stay in Purgatory to help Ben seems a good plan. Except they've been stuck for ten years already and Ben is no closer to ascending. The unexpected appearance of a feisty teenager, Jet Jones, throws Rachael's wings into a tailspin. And Jet's appearance also brings a chilling revelation about who it is that needs saving.

If you like moving stories about redemption and stories with twists and suspense, you'll love this book.
Here's what readers are saying:
"I really enjoy how each character has hidden secrets of their own." EveD reviewer for LitPick
"Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen D L Richardson threw in a new twist." - Savannah Edelen, Readers Favorite
"Recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a paranormal story with real teen issues." - Night Owl Reviews
"Brings to life the real situations and emotions the characters are going through." - Seeing Night Reviews
"This book is so exceptional and heart warming and mixed-up that my thoughts were flying around in my head." - Sapphyria's Book Reviews
"I loved the storyline, it kept you guessing, and the ending was perfect." - Book Devotee Reviews

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Genres: Dark, Fantasy, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction, Spirituality, Suspense, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 224


Sales Rank: 505581

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