Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict: Massacres in Sierra Leone

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by Ken Fry

Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict: Massacres in Sierra Leone

Red Ground is an action packed military thriller based on the Sierra Leone Rebellions, a bloody and horrifying part of West African history.
Vast deposits of diamonds and oil are found in land overlapping both Sierra Leone and Liberia. A scramble ensues to secure the mining and drilling rights of both commodities. Leading the race is the Mining Earth & Ocean Corp.
To amass and control this wealth, the creation of an illegal state called Salonga is proposed. The nominated ruler, backed and supported by the MEO, is a former RUF commander - General Icechi Walker, known as 'Body Chop' - a suspected mass murderer involved in countless atrocities.
To secure power, Body Chop, with the help of the MEO, engages the protection of a private mercenary army. 
Disgraced, virtually bankrupt, ex-Sgt. Alex Dalloway is hired to join the mercenary brigade tasked to protect the newly elected President of Salonga. He has a personal quest to locate the Army officer who tortured him and killed his men years ago in the jungles of Sierra Leone. He begins to suspect the former RUF commander's involvement.
With the promise of diamonds upon the completion of their contract, Dalloway and the rest of the mercenaries must decide if they will close their eyes to the atrocities, or fight to stop Body Chop's rule of terror.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Military Fiction, Revenge, Thriller

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