Kindle Scout Guide: How to Run a Hot & Trending Campaign and Improve Your Odds of Getting Picked

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by Lincoln Cole

Kindle Scout Guide: How to Run a Hot & Trending Campaign and Improve Your Odds of Getting Picked

What is Kindle Scout? Books that are selected by Kindle Scout receive some pretty huge benefits, including:

  • Free Copy Editing
  • Quarterly Marketing
  • Advance Distribution and Reviews
  • Targeted Email and List Advertising
  • Increased Credibility

That is why there are hundreds of authors entering the program every month and trying their hand at earning a contract to become a Kindle Press Author. Don't just be another newbie submitting their book and hoping for the best: get an edge over the competition and give your book a real chance to shine and become one of the 3% of books to get selected.

The information contained in this guide will help you launch and run a campaign based on the compiled advice of dozens of selected authors, as well as analysis of paid and free options to increase your campaign's visibility. You'll learn things like:

  • How to design your campaign
  • How to get on the Hot & Trending List
  • How to increase your page views
  • What to expect if you are picked

...and so much more! It isn't about selling your products, but rather about laying down a roadmap that will help you design and run the best possible campaign for you.

I was selected by Kindle Scout in 2016, and this guide can help you be next!

Who doesn't like gaining an edge over the competition?

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