From Shattered Stars (Armada Wars Book 4)

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by R. Curtis Venture

From Shattered Stars (Armada Wars Book 4)

The first three volumes of R. Curtis Venture's breakout series all pointed to one inescapable conclusion: grave events are happening behind the scenes. In this fourth episode the point is rammed home without compromise or apology, setting the stage for an unsettling cliffhanger and the apocalyptic finale yet to come.

Riishi has fallen, and with it a mighty empire. The Viskr Junta is no more. After witnessing the end of that civilisation at the hands of the great enemy, Elm Caden no longer has any doubts: Voice is a threat to all of humanity, and the Shaeld Hratha are his most potent weapon.

While dreadships pour from the Deep Shadows, Caden is faced with an impossible choice: help the ailing Imperial Navy to counter this overwhelming invasion, or abandon his mission and his loyalties to wage a personal war against Voice.

And even in the darkest of hours, the light can fade yet further. New information has reached Caden's ears; intelligence which reveals glimpses of the horrific motives behind Voice's crusade, and the identity of the next major target. With the Imperial Navy already retreating to the core systems he is about to learn a terrible truth:

Every World has its Price.

Advisory: this is the fourth book in a five book story.

From Shattered Stars follows on directly from Steal from the Devil, List of the Dead, and The Ravening Deep, also available in paperback and on the Kindle platform. Those books can now also be purchased in Kindle eBook and paperback formats as part of the Armada Wars: Books 1-3 Omnibus.

This story will conclude in apocalyptic style with Whom Gods Shall Fear, expected in 2018.

The Armada Wars series takes place in our own galaxy, centuries in the future. Populated with realistic characters, fascinating locales, and believable tech, the armadaverse is the perfect setting for the one thing we all want from the military science fiction genre: big bad battles.

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Pages: 458

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