Predestined Love: An Inspirational Christian Novel

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by Marshalee Patterson

Predestined Love: An Inspirational Christian Novel

"Predestined Love is a story of surrendering to God's perfect will for your life." ********

 “This short Inspirational Christian Novella is an endearing story about love and faith; the assurance that God answers prayers, that despite trials and tribulations and suffering, one’s faith in the love and power of God will ultimately bear fruit and bring triumph over adversity.”

 Travelling to Italy was Maria's way of escaping her past and beginning a new life. After being used and treated as cheap by men because of poor judgement, Maria prayed and left her fate in God's Hands to find her the perfect match.

When God answered Maria’s prayer and sent her His choice, someone from her past came to claim what he thought was his.

Will he succeed in ruining the future Maria had trusted God to secure for her? 

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Genres: Christian, Romance

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Pages: 134


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