Exploring Critical Degrees & the Fixed Stars

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by D. M. Hoover

Exploring Critical Degrees & the Fixed Stars

I have studied astrology for many decades than I care to admit, and during that time I've occasionally found charts where the use of traditional tools seemed to fall short of revealing the entire picture. Whether the reading was for a client or an event, it felt like something important was missing. Feeling some frustration in that regard, I turned to ancient astrology and noted their emphasis was not on the planets themselves, rather it was on the position of the planets in relation to the stars surrounding them.
In an effort to make the pieces of the astrological puzzle fit, I turned to the fixed stars and from there the critical degrees, which many astrologers have come to recognize as useful elements in chart delineation. It is from this that I drew my inspiration, and began to employ them more regularly.
When the ancient astrologers peered into the night skies they saw mainly stars as some planets are not even visible to the naked eye. Thus it seems logical to believe that most of their work was associated with the stars that they observed in the night sky. Chief among their observations were the bright stars that seemingly did not move, hence they referred to them as fixed. These permanent spots in the heavens were always there in the same positions night after night.
Ptolemy's work the Almagest is a collection of the writings of earlier Greek astronomers and Babylonian astronomy. It is the only surviving comprehensive ancient treatise on astronomy and includes the calculation of solar and lunar eclipses and theories on the sun, moon, planets with epicycles, and the Fixed Stars together with an astronomical catalogue of 1028 celestial objects.
What I am attempting to introduce by way of example, is a basic introduction to the location and use of fixed stars especially, those with critical degrees. For instance, you will learn to recognize charts with Al-Hecka found on the tip of the Bull's Horn, or Hamal in the forehead of the Ram and what, through diligent observation, they have been found to represent. Were it not for their study of the heavens, astrology as we know it today would not exist.
It is my hope the readers come away with a new found appreciation for the gifts left by those who preceded us and that those gifts may be utilized rather than forgotten.
This is not a textbook, as I personally do not find that format particularly helpful, and prefer to learn by example. My book is designed along the lines of observation. I pass this along to the reader in hopes they may find value in it, as I have.

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