Alvar's Spear

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by Charles Freedom Long

Alvar's Spear

Alvar's Spear

by Charles Freedom Long

What if planets were the bodies of sentient beings? What if they had emotions like us? What if sentience were more widespread than we think? ALVAR'S SPEAR is the story of Gar, who must become the planetary savior to save the sentient moon, Alvar.
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Thirty years after dancing with the dead, half-Terran, half-Antal, Gar has just one desperate last chance to save the Antal hive from immolation at the hands of its own mother, the sentient moon-world, Alvar. He must do this before a mutant conspiracy turns Alvar into a fetid swamp, and enslaves the Antal. Alvar has sworn to hurl herself into the gas giant she orbits before she allows that to happen.
To become the planetary savior, Alvar's Spear, Gar must confront enemies, assassins, a traitor, and a beautiful, brilliant, Terran geneticist. He must travel into the mysterious Forbidden Mountains of the vild, from which no one has returned. If successful, he will save Alvar.
But the danger of creating a savior is that he will be his own person. He will do what he will, and whether his acts are judged good or bad will only be known in the unrolling of time. Time is not on gar's side. But time does unroll. What it reveals may not be to everyone's liking.

A new novel in the Seven Worlds series
From the award-winning author,
Charles Freedom Long

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Different, Fantasy, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Speculative Fiction

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Pages: 473


ISBN(10): 1546552243

ISBN(13): 9781546552246

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