Ghostly Manners (Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery, Book 1)

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by K.E. O'Connor

Ghostly Manners (Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery, Book 1)

What really happened to Beatrice Galbraith three years ago?

Lorna Shadow, personal assistant to the wealthy and upper class, is pushed into answering this question when she starts a new job at Galbraith Manor. Little does Lorna know, her questioning will put her own life at risk.

Not only can Lorna type like an imp who has downed several large espressos, she also sees ghosts. And they can see her, and won’t leave her alone until she’s helped them.

The ghost at the manor house, Beatrice Galbraith, led a quiet life, secluded in the family estate, with her beloved dogs for company, her eccentric brother, and his frosty wife. But that didn’t stop someone seeking Beatrice out and ending her life. Will Lorna solve this tragic murder?

Accompanied by her best friend, and seamstress, Helen Holliday, and her even more faithful dog, Flipper, Lorna needs to solve the murder and help Beatrice be at rest while making sure the killer doesn’t decide she’s causing too much trouble!

Follow Lorna, Helen, and Flipper in this fun cozy ghost mystery as they work through the suspects and make the shocking discovery of who killed Beatrice Galbraith.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Ghost Stories, Mystery

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Pages: 166


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