Hope's Well

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by India Emerald

Hope's Well

We all have our demons, but Verity's are real.
Verity Buckthorne is missing. She's not the first girl in Sommerspire to disappear, but she's the only one whose parents donate to the Mysterium's Annual Fundraiser. And with such an important young lady unaccounted for, something must be done.
Investigator Peter Adler is given unprecedented access to Verity's room and belongings, including her precious diary. Overstretched; Investigator Adler wrestles with a mountain of information, an obstructive expert, and an adversary too fantastical to believe in.
It's only when another girl's diary falls into his hands, that he can free himself from the ordinary and allow the incomprehensible in. But the diary's contents prove far darker than Verity's innocent scribblings, and Peter is forced to act quickly. Because now he knows where Verity is headed and none of the other girls have lived to tell their tale.Hope's WellA short story that will stay with you.Praise for India Emerald
"Charming and unusual“"Once I started I couldn't stop""Delightfully entertaining"

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Genres: Fantasy, Short Stories

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Pages: 31


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