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by C.M. Halstead


Inspiration comes from many areas, some ask where does it come from? In this case, it was a writing contest by one of my favorite authors ever. I found out he was having a contest and decided to enter it. Just before sitting down to write I found out I was not eligible, many others found this out the hard way as well, after they had already written or after they had mentally committed! There was quite the uproar; I was pretty angry myself. . .for about a second. Then I was inspired to write something different. Inspiration is flexible!

Put yourself in the shoes of Alison, the publishers, the children, and Jay. Can you imagine what is going through each of their brains? How about the author in the closing scene, was he appalled, inspired, or did he make it all happen?

The goal of this short story is to tell a tale that is unsettling. did it work?

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Genres: Thriller

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