Marie and Mr. Bee

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by Margaret Welwood

Marie and Mr. Bee

Marie is a happy little girl who lives in a cabin in the woods, working and playing with her forest friends . . . until a not-so-busy bee entices her to neglect her work! Compassion, forgiveness, and a forever friendship follow.

By the following summer, Mr. Bee is too old to fly. But every night, Marie lifts her little friend onto her lap and reads to him from their very own storybook.

Marie uses a wheelchair, which is clear from the pictures. However, there is only one reference to the chair in the text--when she wheels the ailing Mr. Bee back to her cabin after his expulsion from the hive. Some people appreciate the fact that the disability is present without being the focus. Others are pleased to see someone with a disability in the role of rescuer.

Also available with Bible verse references on the last page, as Marie and Mr. Bee (Proverbs 12:14b Version)

The approach is gentle and respectful

Review by Lynne

This is a delightful story which gently presents and reinforces qualities such as friendship, kindness, responsibility and inclusion. The lovely illustrations underscore and help to explain the concepts which are introduced.

If you are looking for books to help reinforce the importance of doing one's part, Marie and Mr. Bee will be helpful. If your child would benefit from learning that being in a wheelchair does not prevent either play or personal responsibility, this book delivers the message.

The story is meaningful, the approach is gentle and respectful, and the result is a delightful book to read aloud and talk about with toddlers and pre-schoolers. Thank you Margaret Welwood!

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