Oracle's Hunt

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by A. Claire Everward

Oracle's Hunt

A security-critical facility is destroyed to get to it and it is called Oracle.
That's all USFID investigator Donovan Pierce knows. And while he is told to find whoever perpetrated the deadly attack, and find them fast, he is also warned not to look for Oracle itself.
Lara Holsworth never expected Oracle to be in any danger. She would like nothing more than to keep it secret and Pierce away from it—and from her, but hiding is no longer an option.
With those who now know too much more determined than ever to destroy Oracle, will its protectors' cooperation be enough to keep it safe?

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Genres: Suspense, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 274


ISBN(10): 9659258406

ISBN(13): 9789659258406

Sales Rank: 473501

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