Destination Daintree: Journey to Crocodile Country North Queensland

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by Anthony W. Buirchell

Destination Daintree: Journey to Crocodile Country North Queensland

"Destination Daintree" is an historical fiction novel based on a true story of a family who face tragedy with courage and resilience.

In 1926 six children under 12 years of age were taken by their parents into the beautiful but inhospitable environment of the Daintree in North Queensland. They were joined by a 15 year old, redheaded English orphan, George Whittaker, nicknamed Ginger who was desperately seeking a family to call his own.
This is their story as they journeyed to the Daintree to what they hoped would be a rosier future.

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Genres: Childrens

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Pages: 276

ISBN(10): 1925209652

ISBN(13): 9781925209655

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