Daintree Reflections (Destiny in Disguise Book 2)

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Daintree Reflections (Destiny in Disguise Book 2)

Daintree Reflections (Destiny in Disguise Book 2)

by Anthony W. Buirchell

Suddenly there was an explosion in the centre of the billabong and a gigantic crocodile launched itself into the path of the incoming geese. The crocodile opened its massive jaws and seemed to hover in the air.

The boys sat transfixed.

Several magpie geese saw the danger and tried to swerve.

The crocodile had selected one that was on a direct course to where its jaws would clamp shut around it. Black and white feathers flew in all directions and the crocodile’s massive body whacked back into the water.

Wave after wave rippled across the water and then all was still as if nothing had happened.

“Jesus Christ,” said Keith. “Did you see that?”

Not only crocodiles but the ever present dangers of floods, wild pigs, cyclones, pythons, cassowaries, flash floods and taipans confronted the family daily. Did they all survive the years 1926 – 1936 as a family in the Daintree?

Not only read about their quest for survival but also the fun and mischief they got up to.

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