Cric Croc and the Bedraggled Pony

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Cric Croc and the Bedraggled Pony

Cric Croc and the Bedraggled Pony

by Anthony Buirchell

Cric Croc and the Bedraggled Pony is a story that will break your heart. Cric Croc loves horses and wants to learn to ride. His trip to the local stables is so sad when he discovers a badly neglected and bullied pony. Cric's kindness comes to the fore as he tries to help. Cric befriends the pony and sets about mucking out the stall and fetching clean hay and water. Over the following months Cric's companionship and kindness sees the pony grow healthy and stronger. Throughout all this time the stable hands and thoroughbreds continuously mock and bully the little pony. To show his appreciation to Cric, the pony teaches him to ride. Again, the efforts of a little crocodile trying to sit on the pony is laughed at by the others in the stable. Finally horse and jockey become one and they triumph over the adversity by becoming the stable champions. Kindness and friendship prevail.

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Genres: Childrens

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Children's Books

Pages: 24

ISBN(10): 0995424306

ISBN(13): 9780995424302

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