From Fire into Fire: The Beginning of the Story (Isaac's House Book 1)

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by Normandie Fischer

From Fire into Fire: The Beginning of the Story (Isaac's House Book 1)

For twelve years, they've been hiding from terrorists--in plain sight. Now it's time to tell their son the truth.

From the author of TWO FROM ISAAC'S HOUSE comes the story behind the story.

Sixteen years after terrorists target Meira, she and her husband face their toughest task yet: telling their boy the truth.

Tony Rasad has spent most of his young life in Lebanon, the Arab-American son of a university professor. Beirut’s where he ought to be now, running around, playing on the beach with his best friend. Instead, he's stuck at this lake house in upstate New York, preparing to go to a prep school he’s certain to hate.

He's about to learn a secret that will change everything. His parents, the liars, have been living under a cover so deep they never even told their only son who he actually is.

Exposing their lies could cost them everything, including him.

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Genres: Action, Contemporary Fiction, Suspense, Women's Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 192


ISBN(10): 0986141658

ISBN(13): 9780986141652

Sales Rank: 735170

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