Return to Kandar (The World of Kandar Book 2)

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by NC Paisley

Return to Kandar (The World of Kandar Book 2)

Deprived of magic, can she survive?
One moment Shannon is enjoying time with friends, the next she finds herself captive and thrown into dungeons. Worse yet, she’s forced to toil away for the enemy. Her magic can’t save her as a powerful spell is preventing her from being able to do any.

Jevon’s guilt over Shannon’s predicament persuades Maya and her friends to try and rescue Shannon. But will Maya be more of a hindrance then a help as they return to Kandar? She doesn’t have the magical abilities everyone else does and on top of it all she’s distracted with relationship troubles.

Friendships are formed and enemies are made as the sisters are forced to face their weaknesses.

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Genres: Fantasy, Young Teen

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Pages: 279


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