Impact (A Relative Invasion Book 3)

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by Rosalind Minett

Impact (A Relative Invasion Book 3)

Post-war - the fall-out.

Evacuation has ended for the rival cousins. Reluctantly, Bill returns to  his Wandsworth home heart-rending miles from his loving foster home. Worse, the manipulative Kenneth is to share the home - and continue his invasion of Bill's personal world. Tensions simmer as against the austerity of the 40s the boys develop different talents, but only Kenneth's seem recognised by the parents. When Kenneth encroaches too far into Bill's psychological territory a drama is inevitable.  Can Bill deal with the dreadful fallout? The price must be paid; moral dilemmas must be resolved as Bill reaches adulthood. How long must he live with the suspense of retribution?

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Suspense

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 374

ASIN: B01N6VQ503

ISBN(10): 0992716721

ISBN(13): 9780992716721

Sales Rank: 664095

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