Impact (A Relative Invasion Book 3)

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by Rosalind Minett

Impact (A Relative Invasion Book 3)

Post-war, July 1945. Bill Wilson’s evacuation is over. Reluctantly, he's returning to a dirty and damaged London heart-breaking miles away from the foster home he loves. Worse, his manipulative cousin Kenneth is to share his Wandsworth home. As the two boys struggle through adolescence in the severe austerity of 1940s London, Kenneth sets out to torment good-hearted Bill. Everything Bill has, everything he does, everything he wants, Kenneth is there. Even Bill’s icon, the Cossack sabre, isn’t safe from Kenneth's invasive grasp. Tensions rise to a climax when Kenneth dates Bill’s heart-throb. The emotional explosion has a terrible fall-out. Everyone in Bill's world suffers trauma and life-change. How long is the suspense of retribution?

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Suspense

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 372

ASIN: B01N6VQ503

ISBN(10): 0992716721

ISBN(13): 9780992716721

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