Fight For The Kingdom

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by Victoria Schwimley

Fight For The Kingdom

It’s summer vacation and all Aiden can think about is the coming camping trip, where he is going to convince his dad he’s mature enough to join the Adventure Scouts. Aiden gets plenty of opportunities to prove this when he and his brother, Trystan, follow a mysterious light behind a waterfall and step through to the other side, and into the Kingdom of Anka—where they must defend the kingdom from an angry dragon, who is intent on retrieving her stolen egg. On their quest, they encounter some interesting characters, including the beautiful Queen Aryana—the youngest ruler in history; the peddler, Jay James—who possesses a magic stone the group desperately wants; Zachary—keeper of the foxes, who can’t seem to keep track of a single fox; the two beautiful fairies, Jayden and Jacy—who help the group out of some sticky situations; the competent guide, Alyssa—without whom the group would be lost; and Fizzle girl, who will help them rise above their problems.

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Genres: Adventure, Childrens, Fairy Tales, Fantasy

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Children's Books

Pages: 103


ISBN(10): 1542605695

ISBN(13): 9781542605694

Sales Rank: 2187168

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