Confronting Truths (Jessica Crawford Book 2)

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by Victoria Schwimley

Confronting Truths (Jessica Crawford Book 2)

When Jessica’s child is abducted from his cradle, she must put aside the betrayals of her past and open her heart to the man offering to help her save her son, a man she swore to hate her entire life. Meanwhile, Brandon’s past comes back to haunt him when he learns the truth of how deep his brother’s betrayal went—as well as that of his dead wife. In San Francisco, Amy’s child is stricken with a terminal illness. To save her life she must confront the man from whom she stole a child, opening wounds for her husband, Randy, who swore he was the only father April would ever need. When Angela turns to drugs to escape her ugly past, Sarah must find a way to reach her before it is too late. But when Sarah’s ex-husband resurfaces, Angela will use him to drive away her soon-to-be adopted father, to keep Sarah all to herself. Three women, bound together as family, will turn to each other to gain the strength they need to confront the truths of their pasts.

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Genres: Romance

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Pages: 302


ISBN(10): 1450543359

ISBN(13): 9781450543354

Sales Rank: 3007760

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