Imperfectly Beautiful (La Flor Series Book 2)

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by ML Rodriguez

Imperfectly Beautiful (La Flor Series Book 2)

A story about family, mistakes, forgiveness, and love. Of two individuals tested by time and the imperfectness of life and love.

At eighteen, I met him; a handsome young man with amber colored eyes, and with one look, he claimed my heart.

The world was at our feet, and we had our futures planned. But even the best-laid plans go awry when you’re blessed with a most beautiful surprise. In a matter of minutes, our lives changed.

The years that followed were filled with change and adventure. Our life wasn’t perfect, but we were happy—or so I thought.

As I was living my dream, our life was slowly unraveling. Then, my worst nightmare became a reality.

Now, I’m empty and lifeless. I live in my own personal hell, drowning in my guilt and trying to forget the memories.

Until the day, a knock on my door changes everything, and I am forced to face my past.

(Note from the author)
-Imperfectly Beautiful is a full-length, standalone, steamy contemporary romance. It is part of a series, but each book centers on new main characters. Due to language and certain material, this book is recommended for persons over 18.

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Genres: Chick Lit, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Sport, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 399


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