What Lies Beneath

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by Jaye Tomas

What Lies Beneath

"You have broken your world in your desire to see what lies beneath. What you bring to this table is shaped by your tongue, and you must guard it like a tiny pearl hidden amidst the graceless teeth in your mouth, disguise it like symbols tattooed in the folds of your fingers, as you hold your hand up to the light and trace your prints on the sky to mark the ways in and out. What landmarks have you dreamed? Will you sow with curses? With tears? Will there be a bitter harvest and blood red winter? Or can you hold the tiny doves gently in your hand and call them by their true names emptied of the arrogant and the driven... This place beneath, bought with pain and the highest price of letting go, shivers on a razors edge.. Will you be an inhabitant or an infestation? Do you have the tenacity the strength the right to see yourself safely through?..."

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Genres: Poetry

Google Category: None

Pages: 152

ISBN(10): 1517409527

Sales Rank: 5656883

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