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Bound by The Moon (The Bound Series Book 2)

Heated shifter romance

Bound by The Moon (The Bound Series Book 2)

by JF Holland

Heated shifter romance

Bound by The Moon, part of 'The Bound Series'.

Characters within, make appearances throughout the series.

Jaden Matthews has now found, and fallen for Maya Rawlings, his mate. They need to perform the binding ceremony, but their plans are hitting a few snags. Namely the rogues', which are stalking Maya.

If they don't complete the ceremony, Jaden will become the Jaguar he shifts into, for the rest of the animal's life span. No more immortality, or humanity, and no more Maya, and forever.

Helena, Maya's mother, is back from the dead, and her cousin Lana, is also on the rogues' radar. The stakes have just gotten higher, it's no longer just Maya's life that is in danger. The battle has begun to keep Maya, and her family safe.

More immortals have offered their help to eliminate the threat. The rogues' actions, and indiscriminate kills are also threatening discovery by humans.

The game of cat-and-mouse has begun. Who will be the victor?

Contains erotic scenes, profanity and gore.

Other Book Information

Genres: Paranormal

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Pages: 282


ISBN(10): 1537051611

ISBN(13): 9781537051611

Sales Rank: 1507408

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