Moon Sworn (The Bound Series Book 1)

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by J F Holland

Moon Sworn (The Bound Series Book 1)

Moon Sworn is an introduction to 'The Bound Series', (Heated Shifter Romance). The story and the characters continue throughout the paranomal romance serial. (Not a standalone). At 4-years old Maya Rawlings witnessed her own father horrifically murder her mother. Brought up by an older aunt she knows nothing of her family history. She wants a family of her own to make up for all that she's lost, but it's difficult to achieve when she's not attracted to anyone. That is until the night of her 21st birthday when a strange mark appears on the palm of her hand. The mark was followed by re-currant nightmares of fleeing for her life, and the voice of a man offering her things she's always dreamed of. Is he real or is she finally losing her mind? Jaden Matthews is a loner who never settles in one place. He doesn't do forever, not after the murder of his parents and younger brother. That is until fate decides to step in and a mark appears on his hand, it seems he now has a mate. After waiting 21-years for her to mature, the clock is now ticking. First he needs to find her and his search leads him back to a place he'd vowed never to return. He's not the only one there hunting her though. Can he use his skills to not only get rid of the threat to her life, but also persuade her to agree to the binding? Or will he be destined to walk a limited lifespan alone, as the animal he becomes? Contains erotic scenes and profanity. I wasn't a fan of paranormal shifter books until now, book blew me away,past all my expectations and so much more. Readers Review I look forward to the next visit to Lunaton and it’s inhabitants. Readers Review This was a fantastic read from J.F. Holland, and she puts the idea of shifters in a very different perspective. I will be looking forward to the next book in the series. Readers Review First time reading a paranormal book but have to say was fantastic love the storyline. Amazon Customer. I love shifter stories, but I often find them lacking in depth; not this one. This has the romance, humour, suspense, and fear all rolled into one. Reader Review

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Genres: Paranormal

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Pages: 215


ISBN(10): 1534936882

ISBN(13): 9781534936881

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