A Valentine's Bind (Manchester Dominants & Submissives Book 1)

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A Valentine's Bind (Manchester Dominants & Submissives Book 1)

Steamy sexy erotic romance for Valentine's Day Amazon Bestseller Top 100

A Valentine's Bind (Manchester Dominants & Submissives Book 1)

by Scarlett Flame

Steamy sexy erotic romance for Valentine's Day Amazon Bestseller Top 100

When University student Nicky Johnson decides to make an impromptu visit to a BDSM club with friends she gets more than she bargained for.
The alcohol fuelled evening finds her asleep on her sofa the next day, suffering from memory loss.
But who brought her home?
Dominant Dariel Pearson shows her that spanking and submission can be empowering.
Will this be a life changing experience for Nicky?
This New Adult contemporary romance is a steamy,sexy tale of love, dominance and submission.

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Genres: Chick Lit, Erotica, Literature, Romance

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Pages: 108


ISBN(10): 1523706902

ISBN(13): 9781523706907

Sales Rank: 543954

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